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Why Manage Enterprise Content?

Physical and electronic record-keeping is a must yet many organisations are still taking a haphazard approach. According to a global survey on information governance conducted by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), senior management seems to be ignoring the risks; in fact, 31 percent of responding organisations report that poor electronic recordkeeping is causing problems with regulators, auditors and courts.
Our own research in Australia reflects a similar local story. A third of users admit the probability of multiple copies of documents and emails and even where an email archiving policy is in place organisations still rely on “catch-all” email solutions to ensure content is being captured.
BluePoint’s Enterprise Content product suite makes it possible for organisations to leverage intellectual capital, streamline business process and manage risk.

BluePoint Content+ is an enterprise wide content management solution. Supporting both physical and electronic content, BluePoint Content+ is the latest instalment of BluePoint’s content management solution. A 100% browser based solution, BluePoint Content+ moves enterprise content management to any device, anywhere and proves that enterprise content management is about users not just record keeping. [More...]

Email+ BluePoint Email+ provides tools to capture email, enforce corporate email policy, and safeguard sensitive information. Now available on both Microsoft and IBM platforms, BluePoint Email+ adds content capture to any email client. [More...]
Record+ BluePoint Record+ manages content life cycles and supports the automatic allocation of documents for preservation or destruction. Organisations that require tracking of physical files and require allocation of disposal schedules use BluePoint Record+. When managed poorly, physical record tracking exposes organisations to many risks. With BluePoint Record+ your most precious records are locked down and constantly monitored for access and location. A records mangers dream, a management relief and all without onerous restrictions on users. [More...]
Object+ BluePoint Object+ controls multiple sources of content and consistency of storage across the organisation. BluePoint Object+ holds digital content such as documents, images, emails, faxes, and web pages. This content is then cross-referenced to your application pages. No longer will shared content be removed by one application without the release of all content owners. [More...]
API/SDK The BluePoint Content+ API/SDK connects to a range of databases, fax servers, email clients, and ERP applications to automatically reference, manage, and create content. [More...]

For more information on how the BluePoint Content+ ECM System can benefit your organisation, please contact BluePoint.