BluePoint Content+

Organisations in today’s business environment recognise content as a valuable asset and the challenge to capture, manage, and share content across the organisation has become increasingly difficult with both physical and electronic content.

BluePoint Content+ is an enterprise wide content management solution. Supporting both physical and electronic content, BluePoint Content+ is the latest instalment of BluePoint’s content management solution. A 100% browser based solution, BluePoint Content+ moves enterprise content management to any device, anywhere and proves that enterprise content management is about users not just record keeping. BluePoint Content+ makes it possible for users to create, capture and share content across the entire organisation, across the world. Any backend platform, any frontend device.

If your organisation Objective is to Trim the cost of Enterprise Content Management, BluePoint Content+ is the answer. BluePoint Content+ is a user friendly and powerful enterprise wide content management solution that manages the entire content life cycle from capture to disposal.

Content Plus Shot1

Key Features

  • Any device, any browser, anytime
  • Powerful search & retrieval tools
  • Workflow Management
  • Support for all content types
  • Automatic capture & classification
  • Simple & easy to user interface

Supporting content types from documents and records to images and email, BluePoint Content+ enables users to create, capture and share valuable content across the entire organisation.

For more information on how the BluePoint Content+ ECM System can benefit your organisation, please contact BluePoint.