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Looking for a compliant ECM? Then test drive our obligation free Content+ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution without making any investment or commitment. By trying out Content+ ECM, you will see how you can increase productivity in your organisation ​with the bonus of improving workplace efficiency, reducing if not eliminate storage area ​of documents and enhancing orgnisational workflows by using our cutting edge Content+ ECM​ solution.​

Capture multiple sources of content with control and consistency of storage across the organisation, BluePoint’s Content+ ECM supports automatic capture​, classification​ ​​and secure retrieval​ of content ​from a central​ised​ repository, reducing errors and​ ​minimising​ human effort. Documents, Images, Emails, Faxes, Web Pages are just a few of the content types captured by Content+.

With a market tested and proven ECM ​solution ​such as Content+​,​ you ​will appreciate how an organisation ​can quickly and easily capture, manage, store, preserve, deliver, and dispose ​of ​content from any information source whether digital of physical. Once the content becomes information, stakeholders can ​securely retrieve information to ​collaborate​, create workflows​,​​ increase workplace efficiency​ and​ ​maintain ​control​​ and compliance with your organisation.

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